Blue Arrow C.A.

Born in 1991 manufacturing mainly for the nautical area.

Two dreamy brothers, César and Emilio Herrero, who are the partners and designers, have the objective of building innovative boats in terms of Design, Technologies and Safety; Add to this the warmth, simplicity and refinement of a handmade boat. So much so, that we are the only ones who create the 47-foot boat in fiberglass using imported products of the highest quality.

Today after more than a decade full of growth and learning, we enjoy that our passion became a purpose.

Finally, nowadays we see many dreams came truth, in the passion of our clients that sail any part of the sea with the name of Blue Arrow shining in the horizon.

Our Yachts

Model 47

Model 18.8

Model 11

Blue Arrow 47 Boats

This model offers a sporty appearance, with a sharp bow that cuts efficiently the waves, balanced sleeve with respect to the length and the aerodynamic lines of his cabin.

Under the tutelage of a team of hundred percent Venezuelan designers, whom wanted to create a boat in which the lines of cover already evidence a commitment to exclusivity

Despite its dimensions, this model offers a sporty appearance, with a sharp bow that cuts efficiently the waves, balanced sleeve with respect to the length and aerodynamic lines of its cabin.

The Blue Arrow 47 has a delicate care in the details, in order to offer a product of quality of export, with materials of first quality, along with molds and designs for our sea.

The high freeboard accentuates the stylized appearance of the boat, whose most prominent deck is still the adoption of a very aerodynamic rigid roof that partially covers the bathtub, but does not prevent passengers from enjoying the pleasant rays of the sun. We thought of a boat for our tropical waters that allow navigation 365 days a year.

Located already under the protection of the rigid roof, the front of the bath includes a big space with all the elements so that this eminently familiar ship, is also dedicated to the fishing of height. It has two spacious fridges, one of them stern towards the bow to the right, with enough capacity to store ice, drinks, food and fishing that is obtained. In fact, with some outriggers that can be placed without problems, we have a fishing boat for needles, goldfish or what itches.

The passengers can enjoy a seating area during navigation, observing the steering position, certainly elevated to improve visibility, and a practical console of complete equipment.


The interior is especially luminous, with an elegant decoration highlighting the wood and light upholstery. It has two cabins, one ample at the bow with a comfortable bed and its own bathroom. And the main aft, isolated from noise, comfortable, spacious, with windows that make it cozy.

Both, due to the design of its doors and bathrooms can become private, also has two kitchens equipped with a complete equipment. At the time of the night, 10 people can sleep comfortably in bed.

In electronic to taste and / or criterion of the client we have the following

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Technical Specifications

Overtaking the total length of 14 meters, however, it has been maintained a good compromise between its size, the sporty appearance of the deck and the perfomance in the navigation. To achieve it, a well-prepared carina has been delineated for the open sea but with good aptitudes for the speed. It is a boat that combines rigidity with silence.

It has four teps along the helmet, the outside ones in negative to avoid splashing, a typical characteristic of smaller boats, but that was thought by the designers with all the intention, and they obtain a very good cushion for our swell.

The engines develop 27 knots in a cruise and work per load percentage, which is a sure way to calculate the relationship between speed and effort. Plus a good capacity in their water tanks and fuel, also thought for our geography and characteristics.

Main Features
Length: 14,27 m.
Sleeve: 4,30 m..
Strut: 3,33 m.
Water Capacity: 850 liters
Fuel Capacity: 2.400 liters
Approximate Displacement: 13.500.00 Kg.
Sleeping Capacity: 10 people
Standard Motorization: Two 575 Hp Cat C9
Optional Motorization: Two 700 Hp Cat C12
Electrical Plant: 13.5 KV.
Capacity for a second optional plant

Blue Arrow 18.8 Boats

This boat, has been designed to be versatile with a capacity of six passengers on board, in addition it can be towed (TENDER). Thanks to its low weight (700 kilos without motor) in such a way that its use can be combined with services of recreation for the maximum enjoyment of the beaches and rivers of the zones bordering to the fishermen, and in this way to promote the National tourism, Sport Fishing, Excursions and other activities in the marine environment.


  • A Fuel Tank (Petrol) 220 L
  • One Water Tank (Optional) 40 L
  • A 90 AMP Battery for the Engine
  • A VHF Radio
  • A Compass (Girocompas)
  • Two pumps of Achique 2000 GAL c / u
  • An Access Ladder by Popa
  • A Navigation Light
  • A Light of Anchoring
  • An 8 Circuit Swichet Panel
  • Petrol Filter
  • Compartment locks and glove compartments
  • T-TOP tower (in fiberglass)
  • Four Fishing Rods (Optional may be more)
  • Five Retractable Cleats
  • Three cup holders
  • Sound Equipment and Sound Plant
  • Navigation Panel
  • Hydraulic Steering System Central Control
  • Two Type Spring Stainless Steel Cats
  • A Master Swicht
  • Two Anchors
  • A Portable Fire Extinguisher
  • A bow eye (for trailer)
  • Two stern eyes
  • Variety in colors for the helmet, according to the taste of the customer
Main Features
Length 5,73 meters
Sleeve 2,12 meters
Strut 0,35 meters
Middle Clade 0,40 meters
Gross Tonnage 1,982 UAB
Net Arking 1,090 UAN

Blue Arrow 11 Boats

The auxiliary boat was designed to be used by any type of boat, in addition to being injected by polyurethane, which makes it unsinkable and with a low weight (110 kilos without motor). It has capacity for 5 passengers.


  • A 32-liter gas tank
  • Two cavas in the stern
  • A steering wheel by guaya government system
  • A manual bilge pump
  • Optional 25 HP to 40 HP Engine
  • Three compartments
  • Three retractable cleats
  • A pro eye (trailer)
  • Two stern eyes
  • Stern plug (drain)
  • A cup holder
  • Two spaces for fishing rods
Main Features
Length: 3.40 meters
Sleeve: 1.60 meters
Strut: 0.71 meters

  • Interiors
  • Exteriors
  • Navigation
  • Construction
  • Machine Room